Rainbow tree net for kids

1.What is the playground facility "Colorful rope nets playground " The“Colorful rope nets playground” is a new, unique children’s playground facility made of hand-woven multi-colored and very durable nets. Such entertainment is a new trend in children’s amusement park and playgrounds. The “colorful net” can be performed both in a single-level and in a multi-level version. In addition, colorful networks can be either an independent attraction, or be an integral part of the gaming complex, which consists of many different types of gaming equipment. Unusual appearance and design, bright design and amazing gaming capabilities – this is why this kind of relatively new gaming equipment is so fond of. This attraction is ideal for installation in shopping centers, hypermarkets, fitness centers, cafes and other rooms. 2.How do children play in the “Colorful rope nets playground” ? Colorful rope nets playground consist of a multitude of hand-woven multi-colored nylon threads fastened to a solid structure. Due to the unique properties of the material and the special weaving, Colorful rope nets playground are soft and springy. On the networks you can climb and run in any direction, as well as lie on the top platform, under the ceiling, in a special hammock. Balls, swings and others hang from below. Such a playground facility can never be boring, children can play for hours in it. It will become a place of attraction and a favorite place for indoor activities for children of any age. 3.Is such a facility safe? The “Colorful rope nets playground” manufactured by FIVE STARS CO,LTD have been EU certified. The main material is high-quality multi-colored durable nylon thread. Thread thickness is 10 mm. All products in this category are knitted manually. The tensile strength of a single thread is more than 300KG. After knitting the entire facility, the mesh tension can be 2,000 kg per square meter. All Products are tested for strength and safety before being sent to the customer. A guarantee for Colorful rope nets playground is provided for a period of 3 years! 4.What is the attraction “Colorful network” different? The facility can be mounted on various structures, such as columns, walls, metal structures, etc. Due to this, it is possible to make the most effective use of the area and features of the room intended for the Playground. In addition, colorful networks can be integrated as an additional game module, such as” rope hives,” which will greatly expand their gaming capabilities. Playground facility “Colorful rope nets playground” is very convenient and low-cost during transportation and installation. if you want to convert Your children’s city, if you have premises with a small area, if you want to make the most of the space, we recommend you attraction “Colorful rope nets playground”! It is one of the favorite places for children’s entertainment, which guarantees a quick payback and high profits. 5.How to install Colorful rope nets playground?  Facilities are installed with the help of special mounts to walls or columns, as well as with the help of a special metal frame made for Your room and dimensions. Installation of attractions is very easy and does not require large costs. Once manufactured, You just need to choose one of the installation methods, such as using a wire rope to fix the mesh to support posts, beams or walls. Finally, adding a safety fence around the facility(top). 6.how long will be the production process and installation ? Room area До 60sq. 60-100sq. 100-150sq. more than 150sq. Production process 14 days 20 days 25 days 30days installation 3days 7days 10days 15days Attention: These data are for reference only. 7.Our team Our team has 13 years of successful experience in the market. As a famous manufacturer of children’s play equipment, the company has a professional research and development Department, specializing in research, development, design, manufacture and implementation of projects. We have a system of continuous service and tracking the whole process from customer request to installation and operation, we provide the best product solution for customers.

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