Children’s indoor playground for shopping mall CNF-A169106

Why us High quality The indoor playground manufactured by FIVE STARS CO,LTD have been certified by EU and comply with international standards. Our playground are equipped with a floor covering with a density of 40-45 shore,thickness of 20 mm material,designed for commercial use. The design of the labyrinth is made of profile pipes with a wall thickness of 2 mm, a connection of 2.8 mm thickness. The design of the playground is made of profile pipes with a wall thickness of 2 mm, a connection of 2.8 mm thickness.. The profile pipe was not chosen by chance: the top plane gives a safe laying of floor mats, the height of the maze can reach 6-8 meters, and we must be sure of safety. The strength of the playground is due to the use of patented pipe connection technology. The connection of the frame is made with the help of adapters, through bolt connection, which allows you to assemble and disassemble the equipment without loss of rigidity an unlimited number of times. There is no weight limit, in our playground children can safely play with their parents. Soft elements of production are in a wide range of colors. All the soft elements of the are made of high-strength, environmentally friendly PVC material, with a density of 650 g / m² from a leading Korean manufacturer. Inside the elements are filled with foam rubber. Such material will not lose its shape and color over a long service life. To cover the metal frame, the playground are equipped with a vinyl sleeve and ties for fastening them with a flat lock. A protective vinyl sleeve covers the entire metal structure of the maze, protecting children from bumps and injuries. Slides and pipes of a children's playground are made in Russia from high-quality plastic. The assortment has a large number of different colors, which will allow you to pick them up for a specific playground. Competitive prices Direct deliveries from the factory, no extra charges for forwarders and other intermediaries, producer prices. Wide choice We specialize in the manufacture of children's indoor playground, and we have a wide range that  you will definitely find what you need on our website. Installation Notes The playground initially focused on independent client installation. For installation, the necessary diagrams, instructions and videos with a demonstration of the installation of the playground will be provided. We do the Assembly in the factory. And write the numbers in every detail. When you do the build, everything takes turns doing it. In case of difficulties You can contact our specialist and get prompt advice. Packaging The packing process is the most important part of the production cycle. The maze should reach our packer without damage. And we manage to do it. In each bag we wrote number After receiving the goods. Look at the numbers and find out if it's enough or not. Professional team Our team has 13 years of successful experience in the market. As the manufacturer of children's play equipment ,the company has a professional research and development department, specializing in research, development, design, manufacturing and implementation of projects. We have a system of continuous service and tracking of the entire process from the client’s request to installation and operation, we provide the best product solution for customers.

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